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Drisit CityEyes: Code Enforcement By Drone 

Challenge: You’re charged with enforcing codes, but you don’t have eyes everywhere. Or do you? 


Solution: Drisit allows you to patrol your city or county from the skies –without ever leaving your office!

ROI: A Drisit subscription easily pays for itself with the time and gas it saves you in travel, let alone additional revenues from more comprehensive code enforcement!

Case Study: Los Angeles County is using Drisit to be able to stream drone footage live at public hearings --ensuring their information and evidence is up to date, in real time! This allows them to close loopholes and stop those guilty of violations from falsely claiming corrections that have not taken place. Los Angeles County may be the most populous county in the US, but a Drisit subscription is affordable for any city and county.

Drisit is a proud member of the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO). We would be delighted to share with you how we work with Code Enforcement Officers to help keep them safe and make their work more efficient.

Join us May 24th at Drisit's Workshop at CACEODrone Technology for Code Enforcement: Optimizing Your Operations with Eyes Everywhere, a hands-on training on how to take advantage of drones to improve your code enforcement operations. Credit will be given and completion certifications awarded. Some of you will get to fly a drone! 

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