Waypoints & Geofencing

drisit will conform to all local autonomous flight regulations in advance, otherwise it won’t be possible to fly a drisit drone. Flight plans are prepared with the property owner, within the rules and submitted.

A geofence with waypoints is pre programmed and the user has only the ability to pause the drisit drone flight and pan left, right, forward, back and zoom in/out.


Ground Control

Housing up to two drones and swappable batteries, the drisit Ground Station sits securely and discretely at your property ready for use. Using the drisit app, the drone is summoned by the drisitor’s command!

Depending on your deployment and requirements, it can be available 24/7 with a theoretical 100% coverage, and it can be customized to meet a schedule defined by you.



Open and they shall come!

Once the hardware and geofencing is complete, your location listing appears in the drisit channel directory and in your own marketing.

drisitors, once registered, use a simple calendar reservation for a time slot to drisit and they will pay a booking fee or enter a booking code.


Visual Learning and Education

A live, interactive visual learning experience directly from the classroom is one of drisit’s main goals.

By creating and managing a global network of fascinating locations on demand, along with the ability to cover live events and temporary occurrences (erupting volcanoes, migrations across the plains), drisiting previous unreachable locations around the world (and beyond…) is now possible.