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Drisit Flight Modes include:

  1. Free flight

  2. Geofenced flight

  3. Missions

  4. Drisit Bodyguard (Follow me)


Flight modes are selected from the Drisit Drone App and become visible after pressing the CONTROL DRONE button after logging in. This button is enabled after you connect to the drone’s remote control as follows:

  1. Connect the Android phone to the drone’s remote control using a USB-C cable

  2. Turn the drone on

  3. Turn the drone’s remote control on.

  4. Open the Drisit Drone app on the Android phone

  5. Log into your Drisit account.


Free flight allows you to control the drone freely.


Geofenced flights allow you to fly anywhere within the geofence. Geofences can be created here.


Missions allow you to carry out automated flights. Missions can be created here.


Drisit Bodyguard or Follow Me mode allows you to have the drone automatically follow a Drisit user. The user being followed:

  1. Opens the Drone app

  2. Logs in

  3. Selects CONTROL

  4. Turns LIVESTREAM on

  5. Turns FOLLOW ME on.

  6. Opens the Drisitor app, 

  7. Logs into his/her Drisit account, 

  8. Selects the drone to be used

  9. Clicks on CONTROL

  10. Presses and holds the Take-Off button 


The drone will now follow the user until the user uses the Return to Home command to have the drone return to the place it took off from.

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