Virtual Field Trips for Education

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Challenge: Learning from a book can sometimes be rather dull. Some things are better appreciated when seen and interacted with. Yet field trips are time-consuming and expensive, and impractical to faraway locations. 


Solution: Drisit empowers educators to provide their students with a live, interactive visual learning experience, bringing their subjects of study alive in the classroom.

Students are able to safely fly a drone in an area of interest. Educators can create missions that lead students along a predefined route, or to create geofences that keep students’ flights within a safe area with no obstacles. Drisit geofences can also limit flights above a minimum altitude to keep things safe.


Historical sites? ✅

Geographical formations? ✅

Animals in their natural habitat? ✅


Tell us what locations you need for your curriculum, and we will create drisits for your students.


ROI: What’s the price of a mind opened for life? Drisit will open your students’ minds for a fraction of the price of a single field trip.


All you need is 10 minutes of your time to blow you away with this opportunity.

Drisit allows you to:


1. Control drones remotely from an Internet-connected device (computer or phone) anywhere in the world


2. Stream inspection aerial footage in real time to any number of users over the Internet.


3. Fly automated missions and stream the footage over the Internet in real time


Drisit is headquartered in California and led by an experienced team that has previously scaled web-based software businesses to hundreds of millions of users. Our CEO is a Caltech Ph.D. and MIT Top 100 Technology alum. 


All you need is 10 minutes of your time to blow you away with this opportunity.