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Who We Are

Our Mission

Global Vision: Bringing people & places of the world together.

reimagining being there.




to visit remotely & sustainably by drone


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Drisit is the world’s remote drone control and global vision platform.

By making drones controllable remotely from any phone or computer, Drisit makes your drones exponentially more valuable, and converts your people into superheroes.


Introducing the shared economy to the drone industry, Drisit multiplies the value of every drone, making it available to anyone anywhere in the world. Allowing you to monetize your drone fleet. Allowing you to have eyes anywhere and everywhere. Empowering drone pilots to expand their services globally. Connecting businesses who need aerial footage to drone pilots around the world.

What the telephone did for voice, Drisit does for vision. What Airbnb did for homes, Drisit does for drones. What Uber and Lyft did for drivers, Drisit does for drone pilots.


We bring you the world.

At Drisit, we are helping save the planet from species extinction, by empowering environmentally conscious people everywhere to be the eyes of the world, keeping an eye on wildlife, reporting poachers, and more. We also reduce carbon emissions by replacing unnecessary travel with drisits --drone visits.

Drisit was selected by the 5G Open Innovation Lab backed by Microsoft, Intel, T-Mobile, Accenture and others as one of the hottest new companies in 5G & Edge computing, and is a minority-owned business leading the way in ESG best practices

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