Who We Are

Drisit is the world’s remote drone control and global vision platform.

By making drones controllable remotely from any phone or computer, Drisit makes your drones exponentially more valuable, and converts your people into superheroes.


Introducing the shared economy to the drone industry, Drisit multiplies the value of every drone, making it available to anyone anywhere in the world. Allowing you to monetize your drone fleet. Allowing you to have eyes anywhere and everywhere.

What the telephone did for voice, Drisit does for vision. What Airbnb did for homes, Drisit does for drones. What Uber and Lyft did for drivers, Drisit does for drone pilots.


We bring you the world.

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Our Mission

Global Vision: Bringing people & places of the world together.

Reimagine being there. We bring the world to you. A world in which anyone can drisit anywhere, anytime.