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How Drisit Escort™ Works



Challenge: Static cameras are easy for criminals to work around.

Solution: Drisit empowers your security personnel to fly drones to keep all of your premises secure 24-7, and stream the footage in real-time to law enforcement personnel on a need-to-know basis.

Drone Escorts

Eyes In The Skies Saves Lives

Drisit Escort™ is a drone escort service that allows campus security and any additional approved and verified users (e.g., law enforcement, family or friends) to ensure students make it to their destination safely. 


Drisit Escort™ allows campus security to provide a drone escort to follow each student who requests one. Our service allows campus security or law enforcement to:


1. Remotely control each drone from their offices or any location from their phone to follow the escorted student.


2. Watch the drone's footage in real-time to ensure the student is safe. This footage can be live-streamed to multiple security guards, to law enforcement, or even to a student's friends if configured to do so.


3. The drone can shine a bright light to make the walk safer


4. In the event of an incident, campus security can play a loud message from the drone to dissipate any threat


5. The Drisit escort can automatically return home to its base after each escort service.


Multiple drones can escort multiple students at the same time.

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