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Drisit meets the highest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.


Drisit promotes conservation of the natural world in a few ways:

  • Drisit empowers people from around the world to enjoy the wonders of the natural world anywhere, getting people everywhere invested in conservation.


  • Drisit empowers local peoples vested in the conservation of their environment to raise money from environmentally conscious people everywhere.


  • Drisit helps slow down climate change and reduce carbon emissions by reducing unnecessary flights and drives.


  • Drisit allows easy, inexpensive, and remote monitoring of air and water pollution.


  • Drisit allows remote monitoring and enjoyment of biodiversity.


  • Drisit allows easy, inexpensive, and remote monitoring of deforestation.

  • Drisit is energy-efficient, using small amounts of electrical energy to move light drones to replace fuel emissions of heavy vehicles unnecessarily carrying people.

  • An oft-overlooked aspect of ESG is time efficiency. Time is one of our most valuable assets. Drisit saves people massive amounts of time by preventing unnecessary travel and introducing efficiencies through remote monitoring.



​Drisit promotes consideration of people & relationships in a number of ways:

  • Drisit promotes more fair distribution of wealth by providing a global marketplace that allows people in lower-income regions to make a living by providing service to a global audience including people in higher-income regions.


  • Drisit has a strong focus on customer satisfaction, as evidenced by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Drisit complies with all data protection and privacy laws and is committed to building tools to help people maintain privacy.

  • ​​

  • Drisit was founded by three immigrants in two continents from two other continents and is committed to gender inclusion and diversity.


  • Drisit is committed to employee engagement and holds all-staff meetings every week to ensure that.

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  • Drisit is committed not just to our local communities but to our global one as well and has donated free use of our platform for helping communities in their time of dire need.

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  • Drisit is committed to defending human rights wherever they may be at risk. We believe that the visibility afforded by the Drisit global vision platform helps hold people everywhere to a higher degree of accountability.

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  • Drisit is committed to treating employees better than the requirements of labor standards. By way of example, we give our employees unlimited vacation as long as they get the job done.


Drisit aims to not only meet the highest standards for running a company, but to push them to new heights:

  • Drisit believes that Board membership should be reserved for those with the relevant training and qualifications, and not a perk that can be bought.


  • Drisit has a structure of checks and balances to ensure every expense gets audited by multiple people.


  • Drisit has a policy against bribery and corruption.

  • Drisit has historically compensated its executives last, making sure our rank and file are compensated first and fairly.



Drisit believes in the responsible use of drones. Drisit prohibits the use of its platform to harm people. We believe that Drisit can help promote the responsible use of drones in several ways:

  • Drisit promotes accountability by keeping track of the use of drones.

  • Drisit allows any drone to be grounded immediately if warranted.

  • Drisit helps keep drone flight safe with geofencing that restricts drone flights to allowed areas, with missions that keep drones on predefined paths, and with an automated return to home if a drone is low on batteries or loses connectivity.

  • Drisit is committed to building tools to allow people to protect their privacy.


Drisit also believes in encouraging entrepreneurship and the fair treatment of entrepreneurs. To this end, 1% of Drisit equity and 1% of Drisit profits will be destined to the International Founders Association, whose mission is to help founders and entrepreneurs succeed in creating, growing, and maintaining successful companies that make the world better. 

Another 1% of Drisit equity and 1% of Drisit profits will be destined to the Drisit Foundation, a non-profit with the mission of leveraging invention for the benefit of mankind. Some of its goals will be to find ways to fight corruption and to generate business models that empower creatives rather than leaving them at the mercy of those who control the purse strings.

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