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Real Estate Lending

Challenge: You are being asked to lend against an asset whose condition you don’t really know.


Solution: Drisit empowers you to assess the state of any asset in real time, from every angle. Roofs hold no mysteries for a Drisit subscriber. 


ROI: A Drisit subscription pays for itself after the very first asset you decide not to purchase or lend against.



Drisit takes your droning for real estate to the next level by:

​1. Allowing you to have remote pilots, making it easier and less expensive.

2. Allows you to let prospective buyers fly around a property or its neighborhood for themselves.

3. Allow you to hold a virtual open house, streaming it to any number of prospective buyers.


Drisit is headquartered in California and led by an experienced team that has previously scaled web-based software businesses to hundreds of millions of users. Our CEO is a Caltech Ph.D. and MIT Top 100 Technology alum. 


All you need is 10 minutes of your time to blow you away with this opportunity.

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