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Drone Owners


Drone Owners

Challenge: You invested in an amazing drone, and now it’s sitting idle on a shelf most of the time.


Solution: Drisit empowers you to monetize your drone(s) by putting them on the Drisit network and allowing people from all over the world to pay you to fly them.


Drisit keeps your drone safe with a three-punch combo:


  1. Missions allow you to restrict your drone’s flights to safe routes you program

  2. Geofencing allows you to restrict your drones’ flights to safe areas where they cannot crash

  3. Insurance gives you peace of mind


Drisit will even automatically land your drones at the conclusion of every flight, and will always land your drones before battery gets critically low or if they lose connection.


You can even set your own prices!


This amazing service comes at no cost to you –Drisit simply keeps a small percentage of your earnings.

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