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Drone Pilots


Drone Pilots

Drisit allows you to make more money with your drone in three ways:

  1. Uber* for Drones: Offer your drone photography services to anyone who wants to hire you through the Drisit platform. 

  2. Airbnb** for Drones: Offer your drone to anyone who wants to rent it. Drisit allows you to keep your drone safe in three different ways:

    • Configure missions to control where drisitors fly your drone.

    • Configure geofences to control where drisitors can fly your drone.

    • Insurance to protect your peace of mind

  3. Drisit Global Drone Control: Take your business global by offering your drone pilot services to customers across the globe. Drisit empowers you to safely fly drones across the world. Fly your drone or their drone --the goal is to bring the world's best drone pilots and the world's drones together!


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*Uber is a registered trademark of Uber, Inc.

** Airbnb is a registered trademark of Airbnb, Inc.


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