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  1. Drone owners own the drone and put it on the Drone network to allow someone to use it. Drone owner instructions are here.

  2. Drisitors are Drisit “visitors” controlling or viewing a drone on the Drisit network remotely. Drisitor instructions are here.


Browsers supported: Chrome and Firefox. 


Capabilities demo video here.




  1. Register at the bottom of 

  2. Click on the email you receive to activate your account

  3. If you need your user to have permissions to create missions and geofences, email to get your user upgraded at no charge.

  4. You have three ways to be a drisitor:

    • Log into using the credentials you created, using Chrome or Firefox on a laptop or desktop computer

    • If you plan to control drone flight from an iPhone, the iOS Drisitor app requires installation of the TestFlight app and sending an email to from your Apple account for approval

    • The latest version of the DrisitorApp for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here: Android Drisitor App 

    • DrisitorApp for iOS is available from the AppStore (as a TestFlight App).

  5. There are two ways to find the drone you are looking for:

    • Search for the location of the drone in the search box, or

    • Click on the list view icon at the top right and select the drone you seek from the list

  6. Click on the green drone icon for the drone you seek

  7. Select Control if you wish to control the drone, or Watch to view someone else's flight

  8. Take off clicking and holding the Take off circular button. If the drone owner selected to have a geofence on, the drone will fly automatically into the geofence and rotate around to show you the area. The default geofence when none has been set up is to fly up to a height of 25m, to ensure drisitors don’t crash into anything below that height.

  9. Control the drone using:

    • Left joystick: Pan left, pan right, fly up, fly down

    • Right joystick: Move laterally left, move laterally right, forward, back

    • Up and down Arrows: move camera up or down

  10. Press H to have the drone return home

You may click on the three horizontal bars at bottom right of the screen to show the menu. This includes a Help menu.

You may click on the photo icon to open the photo, zoom and video menu.


Please send any bug reports, things that are unclear to you and suggestions for improvements to . We have a long list of enhancements in the works but we would love your feedback to prioritize them. Drisit away!

Updated Oct. 26 2023.

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