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Home Inspections


Home Inspections

Challenge: Home inspections are expensive. They take time to schedule. They extend the time that properties stay in the market. Roofs are hard and dangerous to inspect properly. Liability insurance makes things even more expensive. Drone pilots can be expensive and hard to come by if they need to drive to your location.


Solution: Drisit empowers you to affordably hire a professional licensed drone pilot to take high quality aerial photographs of any home, building or roof to aid your inspections from the comfort of their own office.


ROI: Drisit will dramatically reduce your cost of inspections from day one!a


Drisit takes your droning for real estate to the next level by:

​1. Allowing you to have remote pilots, making it easier and less expensive.

2. Allows you to let prospective buyers fly around a property or its neighborhood for themselves.

3. Allow you to hold a virtual open house, streaming it to any number of prospective buyers.


Drisit is headquartered in California and led by an experienced team that has previously scaled web-based software businesses to hundreds of millions of users. Our CEO is a Caltech Ph.D. and MIT Top 100 Technology alum. 


All you need is 10 minutes of your time to blow you away with this opportunity.

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