the possibilities are endless.

reimagining being there.




to visit remotely & sustainably by drone

What We Offer

When you want to visit, just book a drisit.

  • Allow users to find a drone anywhere in the world

  • Control its flight path within safe predefined areas

  • Control its camera view angle and zoom

  • Stream it

  • Have it return safely to base to recharge the battery


“It’s a really good innovation.”

Julian Deeks

UK Civil Aviation Authority

“There are clear uses in our Archaeology, Geography and History Departments.”

Marek Tokarski

Senior Enterprise Manager, Durham University

“An interactive and memorable experience from the classroom”

Dr. Paul Miller

Managing Director, VEO

"You have data that people are dying to have...I think it’s super exciting….”

Saara Khan

Systems Integration Engineering Manager, Augmented Reality, Facebook

“We want to include Drisit in our revenue generating programs for Smart Stadiums across Australia, Singapore and UAE.”

Adam Funnell

Senior Client Partner, Accubits Technologies